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 Hey Dr. Martens, 

My name is Sarah Oglesby, and I want to be your new photo and video creative.

Since the beginning of my photography career, I’ve always been influenced and inspired by Dr. Martens and how they have cemented themselves within the UK music scene. Throughout the last 4 years, I have documented how the brand has remained ever present within musical culture and continues to reflect what I believe the shoes represent: style, self-expression, unity, identity and strength. Dr. Martens has become a statement within everyday life and I believe that my work is a true representation of the attitude and ethos that the DM brand embodies. Its DIY heritage is reflected in the energy of my punchy style and bold editing and aims to collect a diverse and eclectic exhibit of how DM’s broke the molds within fashion, music and identity.  

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When I was 14, my mum bought me my first pair of Dr. Martens. Some green 1460s. I wore them everyday until the soles were literally hanging off! Even then, I got my Dad to glue them back together so I didn't have to part with them. As music started to become a big part of my life, I became fascinated in the history behind the Dr Marten brand and how it remained to be a symbol of self expression, identity and subculture within society today.

For the last 4 years I have captured the Northern music scene, photographing its bands, artists, venues, and communities. My style of photography is bold, spirited, and strong, with the intent to encapsulate the energy and electricity that music and fashion brings to our daily lives. My campaign, ‘Step into my DMs’, is a visual archive in which I have showcased my ongoing curiosity and respect for the Dr Marten brand over my creative career. I believe that my work aligns perfectly with the Dr Martens style and attitude, conveying the essence of the brand, its audience and heritage. I hope my passion for music and the DM brand are conveyed through this campaign, along with my enthusiasm to be part of the Dr. Martens team as your new photo and video creative. 

Please be sure to check out the rest of my website for more about me and my work. 

Sarah x

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sarahoglesby_creative For those of you who don’t know me personally, since beginning my photography career I’ve always been influenced and inspired by Dr. Martens and how they have cemented themselves within the UK music scene. Throughout the last 4 years, I have documented how the brand has remained ever present within musical culture and continues to reflect what I believe the shoes represent: style, self-expression, unity, identity and strength. ✊🏻
I’ve always had the goal to work for DM one day and I am so excited to see that they are now looking for a new photo and video creative. So… @drmartensofficial, step into my Dms and let’s catch up

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7th December 2021


sarahoglesby_creative For me, Dr Martens represents self expression and identity, and how we style ourselves can often reflect our musical communities or subcultures. Originally made for the working-class and factory workers, the Dr. Marten boot has become a statement piece of fashion worn uniquely by all across most music scenes, whilst remaining true to its strong and durable purpose. Dr Martens and fashion walk hand in hand and I love capturing the energy that they bring to everyone’s style.

So @drmartensofficial #stepintomydms and let’s chat about why I should be your next #photoandvideocreative 💬

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9th December 2021


sarahoglesby_creative As im sure many of you will have noticed, for the last 3 weeks I have been putting together a campaign for my dream job as Dr. Martens new Photo and Video creative. Working with Dr. Martens has been a ambition of mine since day 1 and much of my creative and personal style has been shaped and influenced by the brand over the years. My Campaign, 'Step into my DMs', is both a celebration of the legendary Northerner music scene and its communities, and a showcase of my own personal documentation of Dr.Martens continuous presence within music, fashion and culture. I've shown such passion, fascination and commitment to the DM brand in my time as a photographer to the point where ive asked people to 'kick my camera' to get the perfect shot (you know who you are!), taken my camera in the craziest mosh pits, and spent more time photographing shoes than people! I've allowed my creativity and enthusiasm flourish within this project and I am proud of the work i have produced. Thank you to @life for being the soundtrack to my campaign! To see, head over to the link in my bio.

And @drmartensoffical, once again, #stepintomydms and lets chat about why I should be your next #photoandvideocreative.  💬

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16th December 2021

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As an active gig goer and lover of live music, I have a great appreciation for the Northern music scene and always seek to promote its bands, artists and venues where I can.

I believe that Priestgate would be a great future collaboration for Dr. Marten. Hailing from Driffeild, the band are the talk of the North at the moment and have already been featured by NME, BBC introducing and So Young magazine. Their music has a unique tone of gothic dream pop and their performances are filled with energy and movement aligning perfectly with Dr.Martens bold attitude. Images like the ones I captured at Humber Street Sesh at Hull are an example of how the band portray the DIY Dr. Marten ethos and their spirit whilst on stage.

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Described as a ‘Merchant of pure gay choas’, I photographed Lynks at this years Live at Leeds and instantly linked their iconic performance and unapologic attitude with the Dr.Marten brand.

Their queer underground elctro-punk is fun, fresh and exciting and their music and performance kicks gender norms right in the face. They are not afraid to express themselves through their music and fashion and therefore embodies Dr.Martens ties with self expression, strength and freedom. Lynks is a great representation of how music meets drag, punk and the underground scene, and would be a sickening ambassador for DM in the future.  



As part of this campaign, I decided to send a bunch of goodies to Dr.Martens HQ for you all to enjoy! 

I hope my collection of 'Step into my Dms' postcards, prints and 'Up North' zine showed your team my passion and enthusiasm for the Dr. Marten brand how it has been a big influence and inspiration in my work over the years.


If you have yet to receive, be sure to check that mail box!


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Thank you for taking the time out to view my campaign and for your consideration to my application for this role.  Dr. Martens continues to be a huge influence and inspiration to both my work and own personal style and I have thoroughly enjoyed applying for this role. Dont forget to head on over to my instagram and step into my dms there too.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

Sarah x  


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